Water Damage CleanUp

We are ready to extract the water & dry your home in no time!

Water Damage CleanUp Company

Water can be the most destructive of forces, heavy rain, storm surge, burst pipes or even a humble leaking faucet can all cause significant damage. Within a very short space of time you find yourself with a clean-up that can seem quite overwhelming. (more…)

Fire Damage CleanUp

Trust the pros in fire damage cleanup!

Fire Damage CleanUp Service

Fire in the home or workplace is a most traumatic experience. It will destroy property and life in an instant and the aftermath of even a small fire can be devastating. Water, Smoke and Heat all contribute to the damage and an immediate response is required to prevent further damage. Unseen structural damage is a real threat and needs to be investigated.

Having dealt with fire remediation for many years DryUSA coordinate the efforts needed to deal with these difficult situations. Knowledgeable and caring staff devise and implement a strategy and keep you, insurance providers and contractors in the loop at all times.

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Good Indoor Air Quality Testing (IAQ) is essential for healthy living, poor air quality can lead to a number of respiratory health issues. There could be problems with your air that go unnoticed until it is too late. Carbon monoxide can build up to fatal levels if unchecked. Certain bacteria and mold spores thrive in damp uncirculated air.

DryUSA have been testing IAQ for many years now, with a vast store of experience we can test your air and make recommendations on how to improve your living environment. Don’t risk your health for the sake of a short visit from the professional!


If you know or suspect that you have mold in your home, workplace, or school building expedient action is required. Call DryUSA now (0800-404-1241) for an immediate response an inspection and report can usually be carried out within 24 hours. Within that report will be an assessment of the damage and the necessary actions needed to tackle the problem.

Keep in mind if left untreated mold can have serious consequences for structural integrity and carries substantial health risks also. Many suffer allergic reactions especially the very young and old, asthma attacks can be triggered and in severe cases lung collapse can occur.

Sewage CleanUp

Don't let your sewers get cluttered!

Sewage is something that most people don’t want to think about let alone deal with. Unfortunately sewage systems are like any other they can go wrong. A blocked drain, septic tank or foul sewer can very quickly become a real threat to your health. A plethora of nasty, often dangerous organisms call sewage their home. Quickly spreading unseen they can wreak havoc on you, your family and co-workers.

DryUSA offer a sewage clean-up service that will deal with this situation in a timely and professional way. Armed with industry strength disinfectants and protective clothing we can tackle any problem and prevent further contamination. Call us for advice and a free quote.

Water Damage CleanUp Team

Mold damage is a serious problem and as such needs a serious solution. Here at DryUSA mold remediation has been our stock trade for many years. All our technicians are fully certified and highly experienced. Stocked with the latest equipment and armed with the most advanced techniques available, we will identify the type of mold infestation, contain it using an airlock and then deal with it. All contaminated material that cannot be salvaged will be removed and the entire area will be treated with antimicrobial agents to destroy any airborne spores that remain.

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If you have a HVAC heating and cooling system in your home or business having the conduits cleaned can save you money. Air ducts and ventilation systems are a great place for dust and grime to accumulate. Cobwebs and stray hairs help to trap dust which will build up and potentially clog your system. Regular cleaning as part of your buildings maintenance schedule can increase efficiency by up to 40%.

DryUSA is on call 24-7 and can have a team to you in no time at all. We will clean all your ductwork, condenser and air handling unit which will reduce load on your system.

The prime function of the dryer in every property, regardless if it is your home or a commercial building, is to reduce moisture. The dryer vent is what expels the moisture to the outdoor.